Successful leaders who can help you advance your business want to CONNECT- ENERGIZE - GROW, this coming Thursday.

(Let me personally introduce them to you. No catch)

This is M3Forum of Detroit – a unique, time-efficient, highly effective, weekly gathering of top-level Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners, Investors, and Inventors, all anxious to meet you … help you … even have you advise them.  

The relationships and collaborations you’ll form will significantly advance your ventures because – unlike any other network – every week brings new faces with new skill sets! Here are your potential partners, advisers, clients and customers …

Your visit is FREE. Why? Because we’re building a local and national community – and the best way is to SHOW you its benefits! So I’m looking forward to introducing you personally to all the business and community leaders who already gain from M3Linked’s value!


Step 1

Select the upcoming date you wish to attend by clicking the add to calendar button above.

Step 2

RECEIVE: Watch your email for your M3Forum login credentials

Step 3

LOGIN at 8:10 AM: and fill out your profile so people can easily connect with you

Step 4

Connect, Energize and Grow your business

M3Linked offers you additional resources!

M3 Forum

A weekly community experience where every one presents their 60-second M3. Includes pre- and post-sessions for the "magic" that you can only find at an M3Linked™ event.

M3 Mastermind

Our Mastermind Experience includes 8-10 like-minded M3Linked™ members meeting for a ½ day every month; find retreats and support amongst your peers to equip, encourage, and grow with each other.

M3 Symposium

Our symposium is the largest, most comprehensive gathering of our M3Linked™ Experiences, featuring special guests from all over the country. Members share their M3, pre & post-sessions, and big announcements for the community

M3 Tank

M3Tank™ is an exclusive opportunity for members to present their ideas to a broad audience of experts and peers in a ‘Shark Tank’ format to receive feedback, comments, ideas, and mentoring.

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